Collection: Case with Lanyard

Keep your hands free, always catch the moment, you don't need to search for your phone anymore because it is always on you, your phone is never out of sight anymore. you can now efficiently carry your grocery, your child or handle luggage, because your hands are free! Whether you are on a plane, in an airport or in a road trip, your phone is on you all the time ready to capture wonderful memories. Are you on the go to gather with friends and family, dine out or shop in the mall, you can just dress up your phone with the case strap that match your occasion and “voila” be on the move. Your phone will always be at your sight, making it less likely to be lost or stolen. Our greatly designed phone strap is made with highly selected materials and careful attention to important details, making it most practical and strong while being representative and elegant.

This elegant phone strap will save you from searching your bag looking for your phone or forgetting your phone on tables.